How do I add pole(s) to my subscription?

  1. Open your PVR app, or just tap the pole you would like to ADD with your phone.
  2. You will be brought to a screen asking if you want to Swap or ADD POLES.  Select ADD POLES.
  3. You should now see the pole you would like to add in your ‘Cart’. Press ‘Next’  NOTE:  If you would like to take more poles you can tap them here.
  4. Since you already have a billing interval you will need to rent poles with the same billing interval. Press ‘Okay’  NOTE:  If you want to have a different billing interval for this pole you can log out and create a new account using either your phone number or email (whichever one you didn’t use on your original account).
  5. Read to make sure everything is correct.  Press ‘Confirm’.
  6. You are now returned to the ‘My Poles’ page where you can view the poles that you are currently renting.